You’ve Got Purpose!

by Ferne Sapp on August 20, 2013

Coffee cup
I’m sitting here on the couch with my coffee cup in between my toes.  Swinging it back and forth on the floor.  Rolling it around from foot to foot.  Clunk.  Oops, I dropped it.  Sigh.  Ugh!!!  I just want a sip of coffee.

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?  Why?  Because you know that a coffee cup was not made to twiddle between your toes, right?  Right.  You understand that the purpose of a coffee cup is to put coffee in it and drink it, not play around with the cup.  Yet the truth is that not everyone uses a coffee cup to drink coffee with it.    I’ve seen some people use them as pencil holders.  Yes, true.  I really have.  I’ve walked into a many offices or up to many teacher desks and there it was…you’re handy, dandy “coffeepenmugolder.”  Once I saw a coffee cup on the side of a kitchen sink with water and a piece of plant in it realizing the owner was hoping the plant would sprout some roots and be re-potted.  Guess you could call that a coffrooter? What about you?  Have you seen items, such as coffee cups, used for reasons other than their intended purpose?  Sure you have.  We live in a world where the term “re-purpose” has been used to replace thrifty and frugal.  But the fact of the matter is that everything and everyone was created with purpose.  That’s right, with a specific, precise, and exact purpose.  Even you.  Can you imagine that?

Your life has purpose.  When God created you He had a detailed and distinctive reason for creating you.  There was a problem and He created you as a solution.  There was a question on the horizon and He created you as an answer.  There was a need in the distance and He created you to meet that need.  Yep, He sure did.  And if that wasn’t enough, He even designed you with all of the skills, talents, and gifts needed.  He strategically created you and then crafted you to fulfill your purpose.  Ambiguity is not an option.  Vagueness was nowhere in the plan.  Uncertainty and doubt…out the window.  You were created for purpose, with purpose, and on purpose.

So the question is, are you?  Are you fulfilling your purpose?  Or are you living a life of frustration?  Going through the motions…day in day out.  Punching the clock just to pick up a paycheck.  Wondering why there is this hole that never seems to be filled.  Could it be that you are not living out your purpose?  Could it be that your destiny awaits you?  Could it be that there is something more?

Hmmm…maybe, just maybe there is.  But you will never know if you are not willing to pursue your purpose.  To run after it with all that you have.  To chase it down until it meets you, hugs you, and grips you.  So what do you say?  Are you willing to pursue your purpose?

Enjoy this song of inspiration – A Purpose Driven Life by Melinda Watts


Living on Purpose,


Ferne Sapp

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Joy Payne January 5, 2014 at 8:43 pm

Father, my prayer is that we resolutely pursue our God-given purpose this year, apprehending ALL You have prepared for us along the way.


Ferne Sapp January 6, 2014 at 12:39 am

Amen Joy! Was just thinking about you yesterday knowing God’s timing for our connection will be PERFECT! Glad you are on the journey.


Glenda December 8, 2014 at 9:27 pm

Thank you Pastor Ferne for reminding us that we do have a purpose. The world has a way of making you feel like the mundane is real. God’s plan is so much better than anything we can plan on our own. I’m excited for HIS purpose for my life. I pray this year I’m able to walk in it in an extraordinary way!


Ferne Sapp January 3, 2015 at 12:57 am

We absolutely do…and I’m even the more excited about the purpose and plans that He has for your life Glenda. 2015 will be an epic year!


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