Kairos Travel

Kairos Travel & Associates is in partnership with PlanNet Marketing and InteleTravel, a leading provider of travel services and travel education throughout the world and it utilizes an outstanding group of travel partners that help to provide the best values for its vacation program and member base. The world is ever changing and with the increased use of the internet as the method of choice for booking travel, we are leading the way in this 8 Trillion dollar industry, offering a unique home based business opportunity to let you achieve success with this exciting industry.

Kairos Travel & Associations in conjunction with PlanNet Marketing works with InteleTravel to provide members with professional training to become an Independent Travel Agency owner with the originator of the HomeBased Travel Business.  With over 25 years on experience, InteleTravel is leading the way and providing opportunities for Kairos Travel & Associates along with many other agents and agencies.

Find out more about this rock solid Home-Based business that will give you an opportunity to walk away from corporate America and take control of your financial future.  Visit www.fernesapp.com for more information.