Starting the Year off Right!

by Ferne Sapp on January 4, 2014



Well it’s 2014…I mean, can you believe it?  The days, months, and years seem to be FLYING by…time really is filled with “swift transition.”  But I relish in the start of a new year.  It’s as if we get a clean slate – a chance to start all over again.  A chance to get it right.  Smile!  I don’t know about you but I miss it a few times throughout the year, but I’m so thankful for second chances.  And third chances.  And fourth…well, you get the picture.

Each year I like to start off with prayer and fasting.  It is a journey that I take at the start of every year and one that proves fruitful in solidifying and helping to maintain my focus throughout the year. Let me say, it is not the only time that I engage in prayer and fasting for I believe that the two are key disciplines that should occur frequently in the life of every believer.  With that being said then, what better way to start the year off right!

I hope you will join me – it’s a 21-day journey that begins on Sunday, January 5th.  We also will have a couple of times to join one another in prayer so mark your calendars for January 12th, 19th and January 26th at 6:30 am ET.  Our dial in number is 712-432-0900 Pin: 670307#.

Visit the Prayer & Fasting page for more details.

Living on Purpose,


Ferne Sapp

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